Sunday, September 23, 2012

Measures of High Performance and Success

For many leaders in business they gain great levels of satisfaction from being part of an organisation that strives and achieves high performance and success.  To achieve high performance and success you must be able to measure it.  Here are a few measures for you to consider.

  •          Higher productivity
  •          Higher profitability
  •          Better quality
  •          Greater worker satisfaction
              - lower turnover rates and absenteeism
  - worker well being
              - job satisfaction
  - level of stress
  - mental and physical health
  - life satisfaction
  - work/life balance

  • ·         Number and quality of cross functional teams
  • ·         Types of special projects to develop skills of high potentials
  • ·         Ratio of back up talent
  • ·         OH&S

Many of these measures are probably familiar to you so make sure you have a methodology of recording and improving in each of these areas.

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