Monday, November 11, 2013

How Does Your Leadership Stack Up

In my role as an executive coach I always ask my client the question “what are the attributes of a highly effective leader?”  Invariably they are able to enunciate a number of well-accepted characteristics that leaders use to engage and motivate others for superior results.

However when I interpret their LSI 360 diagnostic their actual behaviours do not always align with the effective leadership behaviours they have listed.  This is what I call the “knowing – doing gap”

Question – How well do you “do” the following leadership characteristics?
  • Having an achievement orientation – setting vision, providing a sense of purpose, setting goals for self and team
  •  Keeping your eye on the bigger picture and not being easily distracted.
  •  Being prepared to take on challenges – not avoiding them 
  •  Believing your effort makes a difference
  •  Being authentic and comfortable with who you are
  •  Seeing the best in others – helping them reach their potential
  •  Building effective relationships with your staff – knowing them, valuing them,   guiding them
  • Being vulnerable – not needing to know everything
  • Showing humility – not trying to appear superior

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