Monday, May 28, 2012

Innovation is the Key to Productivity Improvement!

In the latest research by Ernst & Young on productivity of the Australian workforce (11,500 people surveyed) it states more productive workers believe innovation is the strongest driver of productivity. Interestingly however obstacles for innovation exist within Australian organisations:

54% believe employer fails to focus on innovation
57% believe innovation is not recognised and rewarded
59% believe their organisation is unwilling to try new things

How does your organisation rate in the innovation stakes?

Score your organisation on each of the following sample questions on a scale 1-10

·        New products or services were introduced in our organisation over the past 12 months
·        New or significantly changed methods of producing or delivering services were introduced over the past 12 months
·        New or significantly changed design of products/services or sales methods were introduced over the past 12 months
·        There are significant resources at the discretion of management to fund new strategic initiatives
·        The organisation has mechanisms in place for capturing ideas from employees
·        The organisation has formal processes in place for responding to innovation ideas from employees
·        My organisation regularly introduces new or improved products/services
·        New ideas are often tried out in my organisation
·        Compared to other organisations my company is one of the most innovative
·        Lots of new ideas are generated in my organisation

If you score:

9-10                 super achiever
7-8                   solid achiever
5-6                   patchy
1-4                   poor   

If you would like more information or a discussion on improving employee engagement and productivity give me a call.

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